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Development Services

Coverage Report

A coverage report is a tool used by the Hollywood executive to determine which scripts they will read and has the power to generate a "yes" or "no". The problem is, you'll never see that coverage report. It doesn't leave the Hollywood executive's desk and you're left wondering why your script didn't make it through. Don't take that risk and blow your chance. Why not see what your coverage report will look like first? Hollywood doesn't read a script twice!

Our professional readers have worked for the top studios, agencies and producers in Hollywood. We assign your screenplay to a personal reader who will provide analysis and generate a coverage report. A coverage report consists of a logline (your story in a nutshell), a synopsis, which details the events of your story from beginning to end, and analysis where the reader describes what worked, what didn't and the final grade: Recommend, Consider or Pass.

Any material that enters the Hollywood system gets tracked and if one major studio or producer passes, the negative feedback can spread like a ripple on a pond and your work is soon dead all over town. Don't give them a chance to say "no", hit them with your best possible work, the first time.

Your coverage report is private, no-one else will ever see it. We e-mail it directly to you. Our turnaround time for coverage is 10-12 business days.

If you order a Coverage Report online, we can accept your screenplay via email in Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, Wordperfect, Rich Text, Plain Text, Final Draft, Scriptware or Movie Magic Screenwriter format.

Click here for a sample coverage report (in Adobe Acrobat Format).

Story Development Notes

Studio style development notes are approximately five to eight (5-8) pages long and address the main elements of your work. These notes are incisive and supportive. They offer constructive criticism and in-depth analysis, including: identifying and analyzing story problems, story logic, character development and structural concerns. If you don't want to waste any time in getting your screenplay ready for Hollywood, cut right to the chase and get these - you'll find them invaluable. These notes are private, no-one will ever see them. The notes are e-mailed directly to you.

Make sure your script is in top form. Don’t send it out into Hollywood until you’re absolutely sure it’s the best it can be. You only get one chance to make that first impression and convince the reader (Hollywood’s doorkeeper) or industry professional that this is the script they want to push forward. Studios and production companies can receive anywhere from 50 to 100 submissions and up per week, so your script has to be professional in order to stand a chance and well developed in order to stand out!

Competition in Hollywood is stiffer than ever and studios are becoming unwilling to nurture a project through development, ie they are insisting on screenplays that are camera ready. Do the work now and give your script the best advantage by using our development notes!

Promotion FREE!

If you submit your screenplay for coverage and/or development notes and you receive a “consider” grade from our professional readers, then we will place your screenplay in our online Script Marketplace and Hollywood Bugle, for six months, free of charge. The "consider" grade will be placed alongside your screenplay title and acts as a signpost to the visiting Hollywood executive.

If you receive a "recommend" grade, then not only do we offer our online Script Marketplace and Hollywood Bugle free for six months, but we also add two Script Express email marketing campaigns for your work.

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